Fantasy sports for sales floors 


Built for sales teams, DraftSales drives energy and outreach through fantasy-sports themed gamification.

Salesforce metrics are converted to fantasy points in real time for competition.


Reps & Managers Can..

-Spin-up contests in minutes

- Draft Teams 

- Challenge Coworkers

- Win Prizes


"Sales is all about volume. DraftSales makes every dial count and you see the impact immediately."

- Sarah, Immco

"I put out a contest and the team scheduled more meetings in two days than they had the previous three weeks."

- Zach, Reveneer

"Sales can be a tedious job. Looking up at the scoreboard at 4PM fires me up to grind through to the end of the workday." 

Drive COmpetition

"I consider myself a competitive person. Being able to see in real time how I stack up against my peers is great for me. I'm all about winning that extra bonus."

- Kevin, Revetech 

Increase Outreach

Boost Conversion


Gain Morale

- Sean, Legend Power Systems


Statistics directly from DraftSales Contests


AVG. Dials Per DAy 


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LEXINGTON, Mass., March 16, 2020: Reveneer Partners to Deliver DraftSales - a SaaS Platform for 'Sales Gamification'

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